Building and launching your online boutique is as easy as 1-2-3 when you purchase an Ultimate Web Theme!

Step 1 ~ If you haven't already, register your domain with a registrar such as

Step 2 ~ Purchase Shoppe Pro's Ultimate Cart.

Step 3 ~ Purchase your desired theme from Ultimate Theme Studio and provide your web hosting login information. You can do this when you place your order or send it along in an email after you place your order.

On your scheduled project date your theme will be installed and you will be notified via email.

Here is a breakdown of the required information to process most web theme orders:

Business Name for Header

You need to enter your business name EXACTLY as you want it to appear on your theme so be careful of spelling, punctuation, etc. If you are using a client provided logo you may simply enter 'Use Provided Logo' or anything similar.

Optional Tagline/Slogan for Header

This is completely optional! Again, please enter your tagline/slogan exactly as you want it to appear. Be careful of spelling, punctuation, etc.

If you have any specifics such as needing your business name to be in all uppercase letters or lowercase letters, etc. please enter it that way in the appropriate field or make note of it on your order.

Graphic Logo

If you have a graphic logo to use instead of your business name and optional tagline as seen in the theme preview, please send if along to me after you place your order.

Store Admin Link/Username/Password & FTP Hostname/Username/Password

This info is provided to you by your web host. When your web host sets up your hosting account, an email (or two) will be sent to you with all of the login details pertaining to your site. You can enter the info into the appropriate fields or you can email/forward the info to me after your purchase. It is very important to copy and paste this info right from the email sent to you by your host. Most passwords are case sensitive sometimes and include numbers, letters and special characters.

I CANNOT install a theme without the store admin and FTP login info.

Most orders are processed within 1 to 4 business days. However, if you requested any customizations to fonts, colors or layout, additional time may be needed.

Web themes only change the overall style of your website and not the content such as category/product layouts, cart/checkout layouts, etc. within the website. You can view Shoppe Pro's Ultimate Cart demo here to see what the pages within your website may look like. If you want to view a particular theme preview, please contact me and I can activate one on my demo site. This will allow you to click through a whole demo site.

I am a small company and field hundreds of inquiries each month which makes it virtually impossible to offer telephone support. I am happy to answer all questions and requests via the Contact page, and will do so within one to two business days.

If you have questions related to Shoppe Pro's Ultimate Cart hosting/software, you may contact them directly.

If you are unsure if your question is theme related or related your hosting/software, please feel free to reach out to either of us and we can direct you to the right place.

All of the premade eCommerce themes and services listed for sale on Ultimate Theme Studio are designed and coded to work with Shoppe Pro's Ultimate Cart ONLY.

If you are looking for themes for other web hosts, please feel free to visit my sister site Pixelicious.

Unless you have extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS, I do not recommend purchasing a theme to use with another web host/shopping cart. Most web hosts/shopping carts use their own software and coding systems. The themes for sale on my website are only coded to with Shoppe Pro's Ultimate Cart.

If you still choose to purchase theme, the following applies:

What You Will Receive

By purchasing a theme you will receive only the html/css coding and flattened graphics (if applicable). No software, shopping cart or layered .psd files are provided.


You must be html/css savvy and be able to navigate the code, add your own links, implement your own shopping cart and troubleshoot any problems with the install. No tech support is provided for themes that we do not install. No tech support or instructions are included.


All credits to Ultimate Theme Studio must remain intact at the base of the template, and your purchase is subject to the Ultimate Theme Studio Terms of Use documentation. The copyright remains with Ultimate Theme Studio.


Ultimate Theme Studio themes are not available for resale. Commercial use is strictly prohibited!


The same turnaround applies for self-installed templates as those that I install.


No software is included with your purchase if you opt to self-install.

Terms of Use

Please be sure to read the Terms of Use documentation prior to purchase to ensure my themes are a good fit for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact me.

I would be happy to add a client provided logo to any available themes at no extra charge providing the following criteria is met:

Logo Guidelines

  • The logo bears quality resolution
  • You have permission from your logo designer to use the logo on a new template design
  • The logo is ready to add to the template and no editing is required


  • If the design you are interested in bears a colored or patterned background where the logo will be added, you will need to provide your logo in .eps or .png format with a transparent background
  • If the design you are interested in bears a white background where the logo will be added, then a .jpeg, .eps or .png format will be required
  • If your logo is very large or a different shape than the area allowed for the logo on the template, a fee may apply to adjust the template to accommodate the logo
  • If you plan to order any print design templates, you must provide a logo with a minimum of 300dpi resolution

Feel free to send your logo via email attachment to Be sure to include the name of the template(s) you are interested in.

I am happy to do an overall color change to most of my designs for an additional fee. Please see my Font and Color Changes page for detailed information.

Yes, in most cases if you present me with a list of changes you would like to make, I can accommodate them for an additional fee. To receive a quote for customizations you may submit a request via the Contact page with all of the details about exactly what you would like to change and I would be happy to provide an estimate.

After your theme has been installed, requests for revisions will be subject to additional fees. To receive a quote for customizations you may submit a request via the Contact page with all of the details about exactly what you would like to change and I would be happy to provide an estimate. You may also purchase add-ons through the Ultimate Theme Studio website at any time following your theme installation.

Your web theme purchase does not include the addition of categories, products, photos and text. This is something that you will need to do, or hire a web admin to do for you. Shoppe Pro provides an excellent set of tutorials and friendly customer support to assist you in the process.

Ultimate Theme Studio web themes are installed internally. If you attempt to edit the code, you may have knocked the theme structure off. To restore the original theme, simply enable your Cart Designer, scroll down to the bottom and click on 'Advanced Tools', then click on 'Restore Theme'. A pop-up box will appear and then click 'OK'. Any previous changes you made to the theme itself will be deleted and the original theme will be reinstalled.

If that does not restore the theme, feel free to contact me and I will try to help you determine what went wrong. Ultimate Theme Studio can not be responsible for any edits made to the code by the client or by a 3rd party. If repairs to the code need to be made, maintenance fees will be incurred.

Not at all! You can easily switch from theme to theme without interfering with your website content.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have via email. Feel free to submit a request via the Contact page and I will respond via email within 1 to 2 business days.